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Farm to Front Yard... the Next Day!
Farm to Front Yard... the Next Day!
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Delivered and Installed only hours after being harvested.
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While we do not provide preparation services, here are some instructions and information to ensure your yard is prepared correctly. 

Step 1: Take a Soil Test

Preparation 2The best way to provide the perfect growing environment for turf is to test your soil. Most turf grasses thrive in well-aerated soil with a pH slightly toward the acidic side (between 6 and 7.5). Obtain a soil test kit from your local extension office. To take a soil test, gather soil samples from several places around the area you’ll be sodding. Mix the soil, and place it into a soil testing bag. Expect to pay at least $15 for the test (price varies by region). It takes about two weeks to get results back, and it will take more time to adjust soil as specified by the results. Plan accordingly, and don’t do your soil test the day before sod arrives.


While we do not provide installation services, here are some instructions and information to ensure your sod is installed correctly.

Step 1: Unroll Turf

Instalation 1Start laying turf along a straight edge, such as a patio, a fence, flower bed or driveway. Work with whole pieces, laying them one at a time, end to end. Avoid walking on the sod as you lay it, and rake out any footprints you make in soil as you go. Work to smooth out any wrinkles in the sod. Pat sod carefully into place, so there aren’t any air pockets between soil and sod.


Step 2: Lay Turf in Rows

Cut the next piece of sod in half and lay it against the first, staggering the joints like in a course of bricks. A cheap carpet knife works well to slice through sod.


Lawn care and sod maintenance are very easy processes that allow you to grow a lush green lawn that you can enjoy for years to come. Below are some ways to ensure adequate care for your new sod.

Step 1: Watering the Sod

It is imperative you douse your sod with water as soon as you lay it, within the first hour at the latest. Watering frequently keeps the delicate roots from drying out, especially if your sod is exposed to full sunlight, and it prevents the sod from shrinking in size. Make sure you water uniformly so it reaches all the way down and becomes soggy. Keep soaking it this way with water for the first two weeks.


Southeastern Sod owns our own trucks, employs Drivers, and delivers our grass Monday through Saturday.

Delivery ForkliftAll orders are delivered straight from our farm to your location next day.


Our delivery times may vary but typically the first delivery of the day is at 7:00am and depending how many drops are on the truck could determine the time of delivery. In most cases your sod would be delivered between 7:00am and 11:00am. Please note that break downs and flat tires do happen so if you have not received your grass in the timeframe mentioned please call our customer service representatives and we can give you updates on the delivery.

Rolls at Build SiteIf you have special delivery instructions on where to place the grass please inform the customer service agent when placing the order. Our drivers will do their best to place the pallets where the customer would like however if the ground is too wet or is on a slope they may not be able to take the forklift into the area, in this case we will place the grass as close as we can.


All orders are delivered straight from our farm to your location next day. We have a 3 Pallet minimum and a delivery charge.

Warm Season Grasses (our Bermuda and Zoysias) will go dormant in the Autumn and Winter months, usually once the ground temperature drops below 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. When the grass is dormant it is not dead but slowed growth to “hibernate” through the winter months. You will notice the green grass change to a golden-brown color during this time.

It is safe to install grass while it is dormant, we sell grass all year and when spring comes around and warmer temperatures arise, the dormant grass will start to root and turn green again.

Dormant grass requires less water than sod laid in the spring or summer time, however it will still need to be watered regularly to keep the roots from drying out.

It is recommended that you do not use any chemicals or pesticides on the dormant lawn until it has established a strong root structure in the spring.

  • Southeastern Sod delivers over 12 million square feet of turf annually to the metro Atlanta area. 
  • We at Southeastern Sod take pride in our products and offer #1 Service and Delivery.
  • All of our turf is delivered directly from our farm only hours after being harvested with a 3-pallet minimum.

Top Quality Sod

Our Sod is always top quality. Our farmers work hard to insure the grass our customers receive is only the best. All grass is irrigated, cut, rolled, and treated for pesticides on a routine basis to guarantee a supreme product.

On Time Delivery... Fast

We offer fast on time delivery... contact us for the next delivery date available. Plan your sod project with confidence... we get it right the first time.

Beautiful Results

We stand by our grass and our Customer Service representatives are always available to answer any questions and offer advice on treating and maintaining your lawn.

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