Fescue Closeup

Southeastern Sod is excited to announce we have Bonfire Tall Fescue available. Bonfire is the highest rated Tall Fescue grass under the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) in the state of Georgia. It is renowned for its incredible turf quality as well as its high drought and disease tolerance. Bonfire has a dark green color and outstanding leaf texture. And it performs great in the sun and shade! Call us today to place orders or find out more!



Medium to
Wide Bladed
 sunPartial to
Full Sunlight
 walkerExcellent Wear Tolerance drought toleranceExcellent Drought Tolerance lawn mowerMow every
7-14 days

  • Cold Season Grass (Green year round)
  • Medium Width Blade
  • Excellent Shade Tolerance
  • Dark Green Color
  • Recommended Mowing Height 2” – 3”

Fescue 3

The predominant cultivar found in British pastures is S170, an endophyte-free variety. In its native European environment, tall fescue is found in damp grasslands, river banks, and in coastal seashore locations. Its distribution is a factor of climatic, edaphic, or other environmental attributes.