What is Tall Fescue?

Fescue CloseupFestuca arundinacea is a species of grass commonly known as tall fescue. It is a cool-season perennial C3 species of bunchgrass native to Europe. It is an important forage grass throughout Europe, and many cultivars have been used in agriculture. It is also an ornamental grass in gardens, and a phytoremediation plant.





  • Cold Season Grass (Green year round)
  • Medium Width Blade
  • Excellent Shade Tolerance
  • Dark Green Color
  • Recommended Mowing Height 2” – 3”

Fescue 3

The predominant cultivar found in British pastures is S170, an endophyte-free variety. In its native European environment, tall fescue is found in damp grasslands, river banks, and in coastal seashore locations. Its distribution is a factor of climatic, edaphic, or other environmental attributes. Here is a link to our specific Fescue variety, TRAVERSE 2 SRP™.